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Utah Medical Malpractice Cases: What Are The Challenges?

By Ryan Springer • May 31, 2014 • Filed in: Medical Malpractice, Medical Malpractice Myths, Personal Injury

Medical malpractice victims are treated as second-class citizens by Utah law. As a result, only a handful of law firms still handle these cases, and even fewer are successful. The odds favor the doctors and hospitals because the Utah State Legislature has enacted special laws to protect negligent doctors at the urging of powerful medical lobbyists. The doctor and hospital insurance company lobbies have made it expensive and difficult for patients to bring suit.

Utah Medical Malpractice

Additionally, lawyers for malpractice victims have limits placed on their fees. On the other hand, there is no limit on what medical malpractice insurance companies can pay lawyers to defend doctors, hospitals, chiropractors and other health professionals — indeed, they can spend millions of dollars to defend bad doctors, hospitals, Intermountain Health Care, and other health providers when they are guilty of inexcusable wrongdoing, paying victims nothing.

Utah medical malpractice lawyer Ryan Springer represents innocent people hurt by their care providers and has done so for over a decade. He proudly represents people injured while receiving medical care from doctors, hospitals, clinics and HMOs throughout the State of Utah. Contact Ryan Springer to discuss your Utah medical malpractice case directly by calling (801) 502-8735, or by filling out the submission form below.  He has the skill and experience to help you bring your case.  He knows the laws and the procedural games the insurance company lawyers will try to play.  And he has the compassion to know that your case is a personal matter, that it’s scary, and that you need someone who cares.


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