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Prescription Drug Overdose

I’ve previously written about the dangers of prescription drug malpractice, which often results in overdoses and even death.  Many of these cases involve drugs like OxyContin and Methadone. Today in the St. George News, there’s an article that discusses a new proposal that might help reduce the amount of deaths due to drug overdoses: good […]

Killer Pain Killers: Part II

I have previously written about the epidemic of prescription drug deaths that occur in the State of Utah.  Medical mistakes in prescribing painkillers are a leading cause of wrongful deaths. Utah station KSL recently reported that many errors are due to opiate conversion charts.  Careless doctors rely on these charts when converting patients from one […]

The Thin Line Between Negligence and Crime

Attorneys for a Utah physician convicted of distributing opiate narcotics to his patients for no legitimate medical purpose have asked the court to dismiss the case based on accusations of prosecutorial misconduct.  You can read the article here. This case illustrates just how thin the line can be between negligence and criminal conduct.  Not all […]

Killer Pain Killers: Prescription Drug Malpractice

Today a jury found physician Dewey MacKay guilty of forty counts of illegal distribution.  This conviction follows the recent guilty pleas entered by two other Utah doctors, Warren Stack and Max Cannon.  The actions of these physicians were deemed to be not just negligent, but criminal. All three of these doctors were dispensing powerful analgesic […]