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Jeffs v. West: Clarifying “Duty” Under Utah Law

Today the Utah Supreme Court issued its opinion in Jeffs v. West; an article on the decision is available here.  It’s an interesting opinion about duties of professional care in medical malpractice cases.  The unanimous decision is likely to stir a lot of controversy, mostly because of the unfounded concern that, as reporter Melinda Rogers […]

Rolling Rivalry – Riding for a Good Cause

If you live in Utah, then you know that last week was “Rivalry Week,” culminating with the football game between the University of Utah and Brigham Young University.  I am an alum of both schools, but I’ll admit, when it comes to football, I bleed red:This year, my little brother (that’s him on the left) […]

Ryan M. Springer

Ryan Springer is an attorney with G. Eric Nielson & Associates.