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Economic Issues

Q. How can I find a lawyer who will maximize economic recovery?

A. Choosing the right lawyer for your case is an important decision–it takes much more than one phone call.  There are plenty of attorneys out there who will take your personal injury or medical malpractice case and settle it for less than it may be worth.  Most personal injury law firms take cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that they do not charge by the hour, but they take a percentage of the fee after a settlement or verdict.  It is in their interest to get as much money as soon as possible to maximize their share.  In some cases, they will settle for a quick buck after little or no real work.  They handle dozens–if not hundreds–of cases like this each month and make a ton of money in the process.

But the clients don’t.

Attorney Ryan Springer believes in teamwork, and takes a team approach to cases.  Clients are not just files on a shelf or a way to make a paycheck–they are the most important part of the team.  Like other injury lawyers, Ryan handles most cases on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay him up front or run up huge hourly fees–and you will never pay more than 33% of the recovery as an attorney fee.  But instead of turning over cases for pennies on the dollar, Ryan works hard to maximize the value of your case.  This way, you can recover the full amount for your injuries.  With this approach, Ryan’s clients recover much more than those of other attorneys.

Additionally, part of Ryan’s litigation strategy is planning for the client’s future needs.  In almost every case, this includes making sure that there are funds available for future medical needs.  But in most catastrophic injury and medical malpractice cases, medical bills are only part of the economic damages.  Often, people lose time at work–or lose their jobs completely.  In wrongful death cases, surviving family members may be left without a means of financial support.  Birth and brain injury cases involve a lifetime of specialized medical attention.  If you’ve been injured, there are common household duties like laundry and yard work that may be impossible.  Ryan closely examines every area of economic loss to make sure that no stone is left unturned for your financial needs.

He works closely with national experts in developing life care plans, which rely on statistics and case data to provide a specific, detailed plan for the client’s current and future needs, including costs.  In most cases, Ryan will consult with economists and financial planners who rely on the most up-to-date data from their fields to help prepare your case to obtain full economic value.

Once your case has been resolved, Ryan is willing and able to help clients make financial arrangements and plan for the future by coordinating with annuity or other financial service providers, trust and estate lawyers, or other professionals.  Ryan does not charge additional fees for this service, and it is an option available to all of his clients.