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Surgical Errors

During a surgical procedure, you trust your health to a team of health care professionals who must work together in concert to provide competent and dependable care. If even one member of that team is negligent, then it will be you and your family that will suffer the physical and emotional pain.

Utah malpractice attorney Ryan Springer works to ensure that you aren’t burdened with financial pain as well. He has spent his career helping Utah malpractice victims get the compensation they need to focus on recovery and moving forward as well as holding negligent doctors responsible for the injury they cause.

Ryan will provide a thorough investigation aimed at getting answers about your case, exposing malpractice and pursuing an appropriate financial recovery in cases involving:

Surgical malpractice can create serious and lasting challenges for both the injured and their family. Utah malpractice lawyer Ryan Springer works to help you get the financial support you and your family will need for the weeks, months or years it may take for recovery to occur. We do this by recovering compensation for medical costs, long-term care needs, lost wages and the pain you experienced.